Winsford Hill

The Winsford Hill - a Love Song for Exmoor score for Piano and Voice with Guitar Chords is printed on natural foolscap paper - (330 x 203mm) - the outer covers are in full colour with the front page emblazoned in heraldic hues.

The full music sheet covers 8 pages. An image of an ancient hawthorn tree laden with red berries sits gracefully on rich moorland with purple heather beneath, on which the sheet details are printed.

The lyric has been taken from a poem entitled Winsford Hill by Atisha McGregor Auld, whose West Country inspired poetry book “EIGHT RIVERS – A Tributary of Words” was published last autumn. Winsford Hill appears in “Eight Rivers” not only as a poem but with the melody as well. The sixteen verses reminisce on the old way of life on Exmoor whilst bringing evocative thoughts of the many focal points still visible there today, such as the Caratacus Stone, Tarr Steps and the Royal Oak at Winsford.